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Karolina Okonek

To whom it may concern

I had been to Turkey a couple of times, and early last year I started to think about buying a porperty there. I did some research on the internet, and scheduled an appointment with Second Home Turkey on my visit in May. Purlen and Cem showed me more than ten apartments in Antalya, out of which I chose two that I liked the best. Before I decided on one, I asked Purlen to show the apartment to my family, during their trip a couple of weeks later. I came to Turkey again shortly afterwards, to sign the papers and make the payment. In the meantime, Purlen made sure the builder finished the apartment for me, so that I could stay in it just a couple of days after signing the contract. She also ordered a bed for me and helped me buy curtains. All the legal paperwork was also done by her and Sonmez a couple of months later, so that I didn't have to come again to sign the remaining documents. I am grateful for their help, advice, and high quality service regarding the transaction procedure. I would also like to thank for their keeping an eye on the builder, and for after sales services. It was a pleasure to buy the property with Second Home Turkey and I am sure I will use their services again.

Karolina Okonek.

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