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Mr. and Mrs. David A. Stapleton

To Whom It May Concern.

We had been thinking of a second home or holiday home somewhere for quite a while when one of our oldest (he would probably prefer longest) friends suggested we have a look in Turkey where he had a property. So off we went to Kemer where we were met by Purlen who arranged our hotel accommodation and showed us around for a couple of days. Saw some beautiful properties and no objection to us straying further afield to look at other houses in Sida. But back we came to Kemer, narrowed down to three houses and no longer a summer holiday home but a real second home that we have all fallen in love with.

As if showing us around and entertaining us wasn't enough, Purlen, Sonmez and Elif were there to help us with our local rates and other advice when we returned for our first full holiday and have now also helped us to purchase a lovely two bedroom duplex apartment outside Kemer which Elif has expertly furnished on our behalf.

We feel extremely lucky to have been introduced to all at Second Home Turkey and thank them for all their help and support in finding ourselves a real home there.

Yours faithfully,


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Объект № 2312 Продажа
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Регион: Кемер
Тип: Апартаменты
Комнат: 2+1
50 000 50 000
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Регион: Кемер
Тип: Вилла
Комнат: 4+1
900 000 850 000
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