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13.07.2009 Vasily Kovrishkin
Настоящим письмом я бы хотел поблагодарить команду компании SECONDHOMETURKEY за профессионально выполненную работу.

Я решил приобрести квартиру в Турции в июне 2008 года, а это время в Турции были приостановлены сделки с недвижимостью, осуществляемые иностранцами. Парламент Турции должен был принять новый закон, регламентирующий такие сделки. Кроме этого существовали (и существуют на дату написания настоящего письма) правила по регистрации недвижимости иностранцами в гос органах в Анкаре и военном министерстве в Измире. Все эти органы требуют по несколько месяцев на одобрение сделок. Все эти препятсвия обещали потратить мне почти год на регистрацию своей сделки, однако благодаря качественной, ответсвенной и профессиональной работе команды компании, а особенно госпожы Элиф, сделка была осуществлена в кратчайшие сроки сразу после принятия парламентом Турции соответствующего закона. Закон был принят в октябре, а Тапу (турецкий аналог российской «зеленки») была получена мной в декабре.

Хочу отметить, что владея английским языком, я не слова не понимал по турецки и во многих случаях мне приходилось довольствоваться устным переводом, что очень сильно меня волновало. Переборов все свои сомнения, я подписал контракт и в итоге остался полностью удовлетворен результатами. Еще раз спасибо компании SECONDHOMETURKEY за их качественно и ответсвенноственно сделанную работу.
16.06.2009 Jean Marie Robe
Avec Second Home, j'ai pu acquérir une résidence secondaire en Turquie, dans la région de Kemer, à Camyuva.  Ne parlant pas la langue et sans connaître les arcanes administratives locales, il m'aurait été difficile, voir impossible de réaliser ce projet. Second Home a été un relais efficace. Les délais administratifs annoncés ont toujours été respectés et il n'y a pas eu de mauvaise surprise concernant le budget conforme au prévisionnel. Je suis maintenant propriétaire depuis un an et Second Home continue d'être une aide précieuse: petits travaux, organisation des transferts à partir de l'aéroport, petits travaux .... Second Home s'adapte à mes demandes.
15.05.2009 David Hart & Christine Andrews
To all at Second Home Turkey. Just a quick note to let anyone considering using Second Home Turkey for buying, selling or renting a property in Turkey, that we would strongly recommend your company.

The service we have received from finding a property, to buying the property, to renting out the property and finally in selling the property has been faultless. I would definently recommend your company and use you ourselves again with no hesitation.

Please feel free to pass on our e mail address if it helps. Thanks again Dave and Chris
10.04.2009 Andrew Leech & Anthony Shaw
I am writing this letter on behalf of Anthony and myself to thank you all for the service you gave us whilst purchasing our apartment in Turkey.

The service you gave us was of the highest calibre. Both Anthony and I had no experience whatsoever in purchasing property abroad. So we were very cautious this is when you took us by the hand so to speak and explained in detail every stage of the process in purchasing our property.

What really impressed us was the "extras" that we were given from the transfer from the airport to taking us shopping for furniture.you had everything covered I would like to say we commend you on your professionalism and we would like to think that in our dealings with you we have made some good friends also.

Anthony and I both agree if there is anything whatsoever we can do for you please please do not hesitate in getting in touch with us and we will endeavour to do our utmost to help you. All The Best Andy Leech
06.04.2009 Dean Stelfox and Muruvet Patir
Dear Purlen, Sonmez and Elif,

We just wanted to write and say a big thank you to you all for your help in finding us a truely remarkable property in Kemer.  Although I guess I was more comfortable than most foreign buyers as my partner, Muruvet, is also Turkish I was very impressed with how smoothly the process went ; You explained everything clearly, followed up and sent emails or called when you said you would and were always available to help answer any questions which we had.

I also believe there are benefits to the Turkish system where you act for both the buyer and the seller; We felt very comfortable with you acting as the 'buffer' between the two sides and we did not once feel that there was a conflict of interest or that you were being anything other than impartial.

As many others have noted on your site, the first-class customer service doesn't stop when the cheques have cleared.

Having just spent the most amazing week setting up our villa ready for the summer we would also like to say a big thank you for all of your help with arranging the airport pick up and hire car, your recommendations and advice on insurance issues, shipping and everything else.

It was truly service 'above and beyond'. I note from one of the other testimonials that others felt that you treated them "like very old and close friends" - this is exactly how we felt with Second Home.

In short, Second Home has been outstanding - we would not hesitate to recommend Second Home to anyone wishing to buy their dream property in Turkey.

Kind regards,

Dean Stelfox and Muruvet Patir
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